Monday, September 26, 2022

7:00 PM - 10:00 PM

The CSE Live Opening Night Party Supporting the MPI Foundation

It's been a minute, right? Let's get together, have a few artisan cocktails, gourmet bites, fabulous entertainment and have some fun! Liberty Entertainment Group, Canadian Special Events and the MPI Foundation invite you to MEET-U At the CLUB! The CSE Live Opening Night Party at the coolest lounge in Toronto, Arcane.

The MPI Foundation is hosting an online Silent Auction in advance of the event where you can bid on fabulous prizes. Winners will be announced at the party. All proceeds from the auction and a portion of ticket sales will go to support the MPI Foundation.

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

8:00 AM

Coffee & Conversations

Check-in at the Boho Coffee Bar, network and meet your fellow event attendees, grab a morning snack and head over to Main Stage for a morning of engaging education.

8:30 AM

Opening Remarks

8:30 AM

Special Performance “Setting Meditation” Sponsored by the Idea Hunter

8:45 AM

The Hero Mindset: How To Drive Results and Embrace Change

After being paralyzed at the age of 23, Kevin Rempel not only learned how to walk again, but to overcome the mental battle of both depression and living with a disability to rebuild his life and help Canada earn Gold at the 2013 World Championships and a Bronze medal at the 2014 Paralympic Winter Games. As you strive to adopt a mindset where your grit outweighs your challenges, Kevin teaches you how to become a hero in your own movie by adopting The Hero Mindset; a mindset that helps you step forward with confidence and courage to drive results and embrace change.
9:20 AM

Power Panel - Navigating the New Landscape of Events

Navigating the New Event Landscape. This is the bio: Navigating the New Event Landscape. From staffing shortages to no-show vendors, price wars, supply chain issues, and cultural clashes to burnout being at an all-time high, producing events have changed, but have we? Are we, as planners, ready for this new event ecosystem? Are we coping, adapting or still hoping it "goes back to normal"? Join our expert panellists for a deep dive discussion as we explore what we need to know and what we need to do to ensure we ride this wave of colossal challenges and build strong, effective teams who produce successful events.

10:00 AM

Power Panel - Is Hybrid a Four Letter Word

Is Hybrid a four letter word? What do we really mean when we say Hybrid? There is a myriad of ways to deliver your in-person and virtual event and what we thought it might be when the word first became the new buzz word can be wildly different depending on the event and audience. Join our panelists for this lively and inspired discussion on the merits of hybrid, the possibilities, and the opportunities to create a true "hybrid"corporate event and why.

11:00 AM

Power Panel - When Work and Wellness Collide -A Conversation on Mental Health in Events

Event planning is the fifth most stressful job in the world and though some say we are not saving lives, it sure feels like it most days. Is this healthy? Is this normal? How did we get here and come to accept the myriad of crossed boundaries, blurred lines, short timelines, working overtime every weekend and pushing ourselves to the brink of burnout and breakdowns for a job. It's time to make a change and that change starts with a conversation; open and honest dialogue about the issues and what we need to do to make real impactful changes.


EventFest Opens for Admission

EventFest is a festival of innovation bursting with interactive vendors and experiences designed to get you plugged into the latest trends, newest event technologies and most cutting-edge event concepts. Discover fresh ideas and participate in hands-on learning experiences, visit the luxury Gifting Lounge, listen to brilliant event profs, test your skills in the event midway, sample amazing event food or chill out with an artisan juice in the wellness lounge. It's a day full of surprises.

11:45 AM

Power Panel -The Future of Digital Engagement

1:40 PM

Icons & Influencers - Tanya Hayles on DEI & The Event Industry

2:05 PM

Icons & Influencers - Courtney Stanely on Rise Above the Noise: Owning Your Story to Build a Winning Brand

How can you share your story in a way that strategically impacts your career success? Establishing a powerful brand allows you to rise above the noise, but if you aren’t effectively communicating the value you bring to the table, who you serve and how you make an impact, how can you expect your audience to truly connect with you? This interactive presentation will guide you through thought-provoking exercises that will help you to sharpen your value proposition, align your brand identity with your brand perception, and shine a light on your story in a way that’s impactful, authentic, and effective.

2:30 PM

Icons & Influencers - Andrew Roby on The Incubus of Creativity

3:05 PM

Icons & Influencers - Page & Jian Magen

3:30 PM

Icons & Influencers - Jocelyn Flanagan on
EQ= Meh to Magic, Using Human Emotion to Create Powerful Experiences

4:00 PM

The Conversation Matters hosted by e=mc² events

Join industry colleagues and the team from e=mc² events for The Conversation Matters and deep dive in a frank and open dialogue about today's Hot Button Topics and the things that matter most to you as an event professional in 2022.

5:30 PM

EventFest Show Closes

The EventFest show closes at 5:30PM. The official show app will feature all vendors, sponsors and featured products. Be sure to download the app when you arrive at the show and keep it on your device to help you find the best event suppliers for your next project.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

9:00 AM

Opening Remarks

9:00 AM

Kevin Hamden Sponsored by the Idea Hunter

9:15 AM

Stop Telling Your Story Become Part of Theirs

10:00 AM

The Building Blocks to a Great Event

11:15 AM

What’s in Your Event Tool Kit

12:00 PM

Your Life is Special Event

12:45 PM

Closing Remarks

6:00 PM

Canadian Event Awards Gala

Join Canada's event community to celebrate the 25th Anniversary Event Awards and honour the best events in Canadian events at this black-tie gala dinner and celebration. Ticketed event with reserved seating.

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