Corporate Global Citizenship
Planning Events in an Evolving World

Global citizenship is an action-based response to the challenges of our new world. It is a perspective that helps us understand the role we each play in the lives of others and the health of our planet.* Live Events can tell powerful stories, impact lives, build bridges and create change. They can also send harmful messages, build barriers and create disharmony.

As the planner, you are not only responsible for your guest’s experience and safety but the impact your events have on them, the message your brand is sending and the choices you make for your community and environment. Taking all these factors into consideration during the planning process is vital to being a good corporate citizen. From protecting your guest’s privacy to your inclusivity code of conduct to the food you serve, to your sustainability plan and to the way you incorporate giving,  this course will help you examine your current model and offer tools and strategies you can use to further your path toward being a good corporate citizen.

A certificate will be issued upon completion.


This course will cover the following:


  • Economic Implications – Profit Vs Philanthropy and How to Assess Your Event’s Giving Capacity
  • Social Diversity, Gender Equity & Inclusion Codes Of Conducts For Events
  • Human Rights and Events
  • Sustainability – Best Practices & Better Models
  • Privacy, Data Safety & Events
  • Guest Safety, Security & Threat Assessment


This workshop is designed to help you understand what this means in simple terms and inspire you to take action so you can create a safe and welcoming environment for your clients, organization and key stakeholders.

Learn From The Experts, Be Inspired By New Ideas & Meet The Right Professionals To Empower Your Next Event