Isaac Rayment

Isaac Rayment hails from a diverse background of creative and technical pursuits, always maintaining an exploratory position at the forefront of new mediums of expression and communication. Beginning his career in film, he set up Hybrid Productions, which produced several award-winning music videos both domestically and abroad. He quickly became fascinated with the world of special effects and transitioned these skills to creating innovative projection mapping projects, his first set being for TED Talks in Toronto. He moved to Montreal, where he set up Four Eleven Digital and worked with celebrated institutions and brands such as Cirque de Soleil, Nike, Budweiser and Ubisoft. These projects led to travelling globally, spending months abroad in Spain and China, and creating interactive projection mapping installations. Hungry to continue his technical exploration for new mediums to express himself, he set up Immersive Innovations. He is currently developing new AI-enhanced augmented and virtual reality software and experiences, as well as a virtual production studio and creative immersive projection installations!