Canadian Idol alum

Jenn Beaupre

Canadian Idol alum Jenn Beaupre is an international singer/songwriter and performer who has been sharing her big, powerful and technically masterful voice across North America for decades. She *edutains* her 1,000,000+ fans and followers across social media platforms with her quick and uplifting vocal tips as well as her high-energy vocal performances. Jenn is an intuitive vocal coach and speaker who la loves helping people make noise that feels good and sounds great, real, raw, and authentic. In this workshop, Jenn will empower you to use your voice and ears with purpose and power. We talk and listen all day, but how often do we consider the nuance involved? When we unleash the full, colourful capability of our instrument and our ear is tuned-in and turned up to 10, the voice is unbelievably capable. Bring your most audacious self to this session. ;-) Cheers to bold, confident and connected interactions!