Chef Jordan Wagman

Jordan Wagman

In the 11th grade, Jordan transferred to a school of thirty students. The Jerome D. Diamond Adolescent Center is for children having social, behavioural or educational challenges, unable to succeed in the mainstream school system. Jordan credits the JDD with helping him integrate back into the public system, giving him the necessary tools to become the man he is today. Jordan spent years searching for a relatively permanent solution to his physical and mental health and yet both evaded him for most of his life. Five years ago, Jordan sought the help of a naturopath and after one meeting he removed gluten, dairy and refined sugar from his diet. Shortly after, he began incorporating supplements and CBD and roughly eight weeks after that one meeting with the naturopath, his Psoriasis started to go away, and he had lost 30 lbs. Today Jordan’s mandate is simple; give back to a world that has been very kind and tolerant. Jordan found his health and he want to help others find theirs through food. “People believed in me and I want children to know I am here to believe in them. I want to be a role model for children suffering from mental health or disease.”