LinkedIn & Personal Branding

Leanne Calderwood

Leanne Calderwood, CMP is one of the hospitality industry’s most preeminent LinkedIn experts, and one of Canada’s top voices in the meetings and events industry.  She is a trainer, speaker and a  20+ year industry veteran.   As a veteran site selection professional,  Leanne has a unique perspective into both sides of a sale’s transaction. She shines a light on these best practices and helps meeting partners break through the clutter and stand out from their competition through her blog posts, YouTube channel and LinkedIn content. Leanne is a regular columnist for the Canadian Meetings + Events Expo, and has been featured in numerous publications and podcasts including Corporate Meetings Network,  EventMB, The Business of Meetings, Pheedloop, The Illuminate Project Podcast, #EventIcons and others. You can connect further with Leanne at [email protected], or find her on LinkedIn!