Corporate Rehab Consulting

Sarah Khan

Twice-nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award and two-time winner of the Pretty Darn Good Mom Award, Sarah Khan is a strategic operations and leadership consultant for ex-corporate women entrepreneurs. With a background in corporate leadership and project management, her career spans several industries including event management, higher education, tech services, and sports & entertainment. Fuelled by years of frustration and stress, Sarah found herself walking away from a lucrative career and never looking back. She became a reluctant entrepreneur, finally finding the courage to take control of her own future and security. Instead, she created another “job” for herself and couldn’t understand why, despite being more qualified and experienced in business than most at her stage, she wasn’t thriving at all. Corporate Rehab was born out of a very real need to help rehabilitate the unhealthy behaviours and belief systems that are institutionalized in the traditional workplace and now in online business, particularly for women, around communication, leadership, merit, achievement, and possibility. These beliefs and behaviours then find their way into the entrepreneurial space and prevent powerhouse women from building the businesses they dream of. Today, Sarah works to liberate women from the Imposter Identity reinforced through these experiences and empowers them to bust their own BS. When she’s not a badass BS-Buster, she’s mama to 2 sassy girls, wife to a sassy Brit, and binge-watching19 years' worth of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix because she was late to the party